Putting sustainability at the heart of the industry

Though we are just a few week into 2020, it is encouraging to see there is no let-up in the sustainability agenda of major businesses within the confectionery sector.

This has been witnessed by Ferrero gaining recognition from environmental group WWF as the top company within the sector in terms of its responsible sourcing of palm oil for its products including Nutella.

The issue is rightly one that should be taking centre-stage, and to Ferrero’s credit, its policy of publishing a regular list of the production facilities that it deals with around the world, and placing a strong emphasis on monitoring its progress towards completely sustainable sources of palm oil has to be a good thing for the industry, and of course the environment.

It is also encouraging to see a number of other businesses follow suit in the past few years, responding to consumer demand for greater environmental protection in regard to major agricultural operations.

As even the very largest corporations in our industry recognise, there is still some way to go in terms of achieving environmental impact milestones, yet it is undoubted that progress is being made.

Whether the overall rate of gain in terms of enhancing harvesting practices is swift enough for everyone’s liking is hard to say, but environmental groups have continued to place pressure on global industry as a whole to help ensure that major issues such as deforestation and climate change are not merely talking points, but points for taking direct action on.

Furthering this viewpoint, it was no mere accident that the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, placed sustainability at its heart, epitomised by the speech by teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who called on global leaders to engage with climate change as a real factor that is hugely damaging to the prospects of future generations.

As far as the confectionery and bakery sectors are concerned, there is indeed a broad focus being placed on how systems and equipment can be made more efficient, as well as improving farming techniques and practices, which all plays its part in the bigger picture, which must be addressed sooner rather than later for all our sakes.

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  1. We at Orangutan Land Trust, an NGO committed to enabling sustainable solutions for the long-term survival of the orangutan in the wild, applaud Ferrero for leading the way on transparent sourcing of sustainable, deforestation-free palm oil, and call upon other manufacturers to do the same!

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