The universal appeal of confectionery

This week’s confectionery dispatch from myself will be short, but hopefully sweet, with production deadlines looming for our next magazine.

Its fair to say that our title thrives due to the combined support of the confectionery industry, our readership, and leading figures willing to engage with our publication.

With that in mind, special congratulations are due to our editorial board member Andy Baxendale, with his latest commission assisting development of a new range of fudge in Saudi Arabia.

Over the years, he has taken on a broad range of consulting roles for leading confectionery companies within the UK, but this is one of his most unusual projects to date.

The venture is a clear reminder that British confectionery holds universal appeal, with some of its best-loved brands appearing all over the world.

In the case of Saudi Arabia, the extreme heat is something of an obvious barrier to many forms of traditional chocolate confectionery. However, fudge is just one variety that appears to translate well there.

Another recent example of classic British brands doing well in other markets is that of KitKat, which earlier this year (through its manufacturers Nestlé), partnered with Swiss chocolate business Barry Callebaut. The results saw consumers in Japan treated to the first ever experience of the new category of ruby chocolate.

This launch was further evidence that wherever you are in the world, there are things that we share in common, and a love of confectionery is clearly one of those.

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