New: Liquid ice cream mixes from WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH

The German dairy WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH has started the production of liquid mixes for soft ice cream, scoop ice cream, Frozen Yogurt and milkshakes. All products are made from fresh milk and cream in their own dairy and contain no preservatives. Unopened, the practical liquid mixes do not require refrigeration and have a shelf-life of 12 months. They are ready for immediate use and guarantee consistent product quality for the production of any ice cream specialties.

Liquid ready-to-use mixes based on natural raw materials

The new product assortment includes bag-in-box packed liquid mixes for soft ice cream, classic ice cream, frozen yoghurt, milkshakes and iced cappuccino and is primarily aimed at the wholesale and specialist trade, system gastronomy and ice cream parlours customer groups.

In addition to the brand “PARADICE”, customers can also get their own branding for these products. On request, the dairy also develops individually tailored formulations for wholesalers and system gastronomy customers.

Soft Ice Cream

This ready-to-use liquid mixes for creamy soft serve ice cream are made from fresh milk and cream and have a high whipping volume. Standard flavours are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Classic Ice Cream

The scoop ice cream mix is the perfect basis for the easy production of ice cream in a batch freezer and also based on milk and cream. By adding ingredients like pastes, chocolate, nuts or fruit puree before freezing, any user can easily and quickly create very individual ice cream specialties.

Frozen Yogurt

With the frozen yogurt base, everyone can quickly and easily make a creamy yogurt ice cream, which then can be customised in many ways with different toppings, fresh fruits and sauces.


The Vanilla liquid shake mix works pure or serves as the basis for delicious individual milkshake ideas by adding ingredients like syrups or pureed fruits.

Contact Details:

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH
Bohnhorster Straße 17

31606 Warmsen

[email protected]

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