Upgrade of colour facilities

14 April 2011 – Due to continued strong demand for natural colors in the global food industry Chr. Hansen has extended two key food colouring production plants – one in South America and one in Europe.

Chr. Hansen has inaugurated a new and improved colour production facility in Lima, Peru. The plant which will be a key production and sourcing platform in South America will produce red carmine color for various food applications.

Also, Chr. Hansen’s production plant in Avedoere, Denmark, which includes one of the world’s largest facilities for production of natural colours, has been upgraded to continue to meet customers’ demands as well as optimise energy consumption and improve the working environment for the production staff. The Danish plant specialises in production of natural colours in yellow, red, green and white shades.

“Nothing indicates that the current trend of replacing synthetic colours with natural colours in the global food industry will ease off in the near future. The extended Avedoere and Lima facilities give us the opportunity to continue to increase production while at the same time improving our production economy, and easing the work for the plant staff,” says Stéphane Carladous, senior director, product supply & colour sourcing, colorus & blends division.

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