FDF welcomes new UK Labour government, urging collaborative action on challenges

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has welcomed the new incoming UK Labour government, noting that collective action on supply chain challenges was vital to economic growth, reports Neill Barston.
Sir Keir Starmer’s party gained a huge majority in Thursday’s General Election, with the company pledging to offer greater support to small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Britain.

Labour won a total of 412 of the 650 parliamentary sets, as the former Conservative total was reduced by 250 members to a total of 121 MPs, which stands as its lowest ever figure.

Previously, the FDF had expressed a number of concerns surrounding the former government’s planned policies regarding plans to label food, including confectionery, as “not for the EU,’ which the organisation observed would have added considerable administrative costs surrounding manufacturing operations.

The wider subject of trading relations with the European continent has also been a topic the FDF and its members have raised concerns over in the wake of Brexit, as many British firms potential to export remains severely hampered by additional logistics costs and regulatory red tape.

Dover, Kent, England. Trucks queue on the A2 highway to enter the Port of Dover and a cross channel ferry to France.

Speaking on the UK election result, Karen Betts, Chief Executive of the Food and Drink Federation commented: “Congratulations to Sir Keir Starmer MP and Labour on their decisive election victory. The food and drink industry is looking forward to working in active partnership with the new government as collectively we address the big challenges the food system is facing and create opportunities from them, for individuals, families, communities and our economy.

With the right conditions, our industry can boost investment, productivity, innovation and growth across our economy. There is huge scope to improve trade too, and to grow skills everywhere throughout the country, offering more people good jobs and great careers in a sector that’s central to everyone’s everyday lives. This will improve the resilience of our sector and food security in the UK, as well as contributing to food security in other countries.

“We want to work closely with government too to move further and faster towards a more sustainable food system, which achieves net zero and protects nature, while improving our environment by driving up recycling and establishing a successful circular economy. And we know we have a responsibility to work actively with government and others in helping people to adopt healthier diets and lifestyles, to help improve everyone’s overall health.”

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