Cargill uses Singapore showcase to highlight gourmet chocolate ranges

Cargill offered a showcase for its premium gourmet product range, including its market for chocolate, compounds, fillings and coatings for the chef and food professional sector at the recent Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) held in Singapore, writes Neill Barston.

The company, which will be among keynote speakers at our World Confectionery Conference (see our exclusive sneak preview video for our September show here), honed in on the region’s key trends and demand for high-end confectionery.

It also comes in the wake of studies within the region noting that consumers are increasingly savvy over food choices, including within snacks and confectionery, with dark chocolate being especially favoured in many parts of Asia.

“We are seeing a growing consumer appetite for indulgent experiences and higher ingredient consciousness. Across APAC, consumers have shown that they prioritise rich flavours and attractive visuals when it comes to indulgence, and they desire to maintain good health from their food and beverage choices. Inspired by these trends, the gourmet chocolate innovations we are bringing to FHA will enable our foodservice customers in APAC to develop delightful culinary offerings which consumers want to enjoy.

“At the same time, our bean-to-bar capabilities in Asia, from sustainable sourcing commitment to product co-creation, position us to deliver even greater value as our customers’ partner of choice for innovation and growth,” explained Xiaoling Liu, Indulgence Leader, Food Solutions Asia Pacific, Cargill.

As the company revealed, “Experience It” is a key theme revealed in Cargill’s 2024 TrendTrackerTM proprietary research which provides annual insights into global & regional consumer food & beverage trends. Consumers place a high level of importance on experiences. Through their food and drink, consumers seek experiences that are novel and exciting, nostalgic and comforting, indulgent and pampering.

The TrendTracker reported that 33% of APAC consumers believe that rich flavours and tastes are essential for an indulgent experience, and caramel in particular proves popular, as 2 in 5 consumers are most interested in caramel flavours among emerging flavours of chocolate or chocolate products. To meet this consumer desire, Cargill is presenting its range of creative gourmet chocolate solutions, including:

Pâtissier by Aalst ChocolateTM Chocolate Artisan Milk Carmelo, the smooth milk chocolate that reveals a strong creamy and caramel first note with a hint of nuttiness profile. Veliche Euphoria Caramel, easy-to-use white chocolate caramel buttons offering rich and intense caramel with cookie notes and a hint of saltiness and balanced caramelised sugar on the finish.

Moreover, to add to the consumer’s sensory experience and to enhance the creations’ visual appeal and flavours, Cargill is featuring its Pâtissier by Aalst ChocolateTM Prismatic Coating and Filling, ready-to-use flavored pastes that carry a strong, milky and creamy profile alongside its distinctive flavors and colors, and a wide and ever-evolving portfolio of SmetTM & LemanTM decorations that focus on bringing visual excitement and signature customization to each chef’s creations through the impact of color, shapes and personalized designs.

Meanwhile, the “Healthy for Me” theme in the TrendTracker reflected that more consumers today are proactively adopting a holistic approach to health, being more thoughtful and deliberate regarding their food and beverage choices and are more selective about ingredients that go into their foods. Based on the report, sugar is the top ingredient that APAC consumers are actively trying to limit in their diet.

Notably, it comes to chocolate, 50% of APAC consumers prefer dark chocolate for its less sweet taste profile and hold the perception that the darker the chocolate, the healthier and more premium it is. In response, Cargill’s high cocoa percentage range with Pâtissier by Aalst ChocolateTM Chocolate Artisan Dark 85% Chocolatier and Pâtissier by Aalst ChocolateTM Chocolate Artisan Dark Single Origin Ghana 75% coverture with high cocoa content allows endless possibilities for chefs and food professionals to create alternatives with lower sweetness levels without compromising the richness and intensity of flavour.

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