Gerhard Schubert moves to enhance digital training for machinery operators

Germany’s Schubert Packaging equipment is set to enhance its training programme through delivering a fresh digital learning platform designed for machine operators, reports Neill Barston.

As the company, which will be offering a showcase of its latest lines at ProSweets in Cologne between 28-31 January, noted, the opening of its advanced new facilities last year has paved the way for devising new learning systems for its own employees and customers, which led to the creation of its latest online initiative.

Sarah Busch, Head of Customer Trainings at Gerhard Schubert, commented: “We aim to provide our customers with all the professional support they need to get the most out of their packaging lines. With this in mind, we are increasing our investment in new training concepts – with a mix of traditional and digital learning content.”

The new digital learning platform, Schubert Learning Space, is gathering place, with the company testing its preliminary content in collaboration with customers and will be introducing it throughout 2024. It will feature interactive courses aimed at customers’ specialists as well as Schubert’s own employees.

Schubert will also be offering comprehensive learning modules specifically for machine operators. Especially in this area it is challenging for manufacturing companies to hire, train and retain good employees. The very diverse levels of technical expertise and language skills represent one of the most common obstacles.

“This is why we are developing a learning concept with pre-produced, highly accessible content – i.e. with plenty of images, animations and videos that can be understood with as little language as possible,” added Sarah Busch. This content will be available on demand and can be activated by the production heads themselves for staff training as needed. “Our customers will benefit from flexibility and autonomy when it comes to training their staff.”

“Two of our colleagues are now in charge of designing and developing new training formats, and we have a central administrative office that handles all customer support and course organisation at the training centre,” she added of the initiative, which comes as the business sets about simplifying its handling of its internal programmes for employee development and training.

Finally, it added that this year, customers will benefit from digital learning content as well as from more courses and more quickly available training dates. The modular design of Schubert machines is a real advantage for the training concept, as the standardised components – such as the pick & place robots or the Transmodul – function in virtually the same way in every system.

“Nevertheless, our trainers prepare themselves conscientiously for specific customer machines and they prioritise certain topics for the training sessions based on this preparation,” highlights Sarah Busch. The value of well-trained personnel should never be overestimated. Ultimately, any issues and unplanned downtime in production can be prevented over the long term. And this increases system availability and efficiency – making training measures an absolutely worthwhile investment.


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