Barry Callebaut’s Second Generation chocolate gains Sweets & Snacks debut

Attendees to this year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo are being afforded an industry first at the Barry Callebaut booth, as it showcases its much-heralded Second Generation chocolate, reports Neill Barston.

While the sustainably-focused new line was formally launched in Europe last October at a special event in Venice, it is yet to gain global roll-out, with its development teams hailing it as a ‘game changer’ for its sustainability credentials.

Confectionery Production had the chance to taste the new line, which gained its first US debut, and in light of Barry Callebaut not being at this year’s ISM event, this is the first time it has been seen at a major international show.

The company, located at booth #11956, also featured a keynote presentation from Laura Bergan, director of marketing, on consumers Demand for Intense Indulgence through Premium Product Purchases Continues.

There was also a presentation from her colleague¬†Etshoko Yindja, Business Development Manager for Sustainability on “Indulgence and the Evolution of the Sustainability-Conscious Consumers”.

Speaking to Confectionery Production, Laura Bergan (left of pic above) revealed that the demo of its second generation chocolate, which is set to be launched in the near future in the US with several variants including milk and dark options, drew positive responses from show visitors.

She said: “I think this range could be a game changer for sure, as flavour is number one with consumers.

“What Second Generation offers, is that flavour experience, it is really dialled in to what people are desiring in the market. It’s a great tasting chocolate. Then you add on that it’s simple ingredients – two or three depending on whether it’s milk or dark, and then sugar is the last ingredient with it, having around 20% of the sugar levels of other products,” she explained noting that considering it is a higher cacao grade of chocolate, it does not have bitterness typically associated with such ranges. You can¬† see an extended version of the interview in our next magazine.




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