No added sugar candy floss from tri d’Aix takes main winner’s prize at ISM awards

The landmark Cologne sky tower served as a fitting backdrop for ISM’s key annual new product awards, with the top position being awarded to German-based tri d’Aix’s inventive sugar free Sweet Stories candy floss release, writes Neill Barston.

Confectionery Production was on hand to report at the event, which saw a host of entries from around the world compete for the keenly-contested honours, amid the event which marked its first full return without Covid-19 restrictions that had previously notably impacted on the global sector gathering.

The event’s awards, which are judged by an independent panel of industry experts, awarded second place for 2023 to Australia’s Cal Marketing Pty with “Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Mochi” product, with third place going to Spanish-based World’s Coconut Trading, delivering its BBQ flavour purple sweet potato chips.

Speaking about the winning entry (above), the ISM judges examined whether a product such as candy floss – which as until now been synonymous with sugar content, could in fact be produced in no-added sugar format. The verdict  was a definite yes in the eyes of judges of the business from Aachen.  “Just like at the fair,” concluded the jury. The taste convinces – without additional colourings or gluten and above all with around 90 percent less sugar.

Furthermore, judges explained that the second place entry, Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Mochi, primarily stood out because of its combination of being “soft” and “chewy”. It offers a chilled taste experience of the special kind, according to the judging panel, which noted that Japanese mochi is gradually developing into a global trend product. It is a speciality made from rice that is sweet or savoury and which excels with its imaginative combination of ingredients.

Finally, the awards panel praised World’s Coconut Trading’s purple sweet potato crisps for the smokey flavour of the series, which they said stood out as an eye-catching offering amid a competitive product category.

The winning entries formed part of the overall New Product Showcase, which has been a central platform for the industry’s new products since 2009 and has established itself as an appealing attraction for all decision-makers at ISM, with the awards dinner (below), proving a significant highlight.

This year saw a total of 65 display windows and over 97 products of more than 56 exhibitors from 17 nations, with the event being delayed from its usual January position due to the impact of the energy crisis, inflationary pressures, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine that has continued to impact on wider industries and economies. Organisers have indicated that the event is due to return to its favoured dates at the end of January 2024.





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