NCA reveals majority of US consumers set to mark Easter with confectionery

Fresh research from the National Confectioners Association has found that a total of 84% of Americans are intending to celebrating Easter with some form of confectionery, writes Neill Barston.

As previously reported, the industry remains on a positive path after posting annual sales of $42 billion, which was unveiled earlier this month at the State of the Industry Conference (see our exclusive video of the Miami event here).

Being among one of the most sweets and confectionery-loving regions in the world, the NCA posed consumers a key seasonal question – is there a right way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny?

According to its responses, most candy fans say that eating the ears first (78%), is the way forward, while some signalled they eat bunnies’ feet first (17%) or tail first (5%). T

This seasonal enthusiasm extends to the rest of the candy aisle, as 84% of Americans say they plan to celebrate the 2023 Easter season by sharing or gifting some kind of confectionery treat.

“The Easter season is a welcome spot in the calendar year as people throughout the country seek out opportunities to celebrate with their friends, family and loved ones,” John Downs, NCA president and CEO, said. “Consumers are eager to incorporate chocolate and candy into their seasonal celebrations, especially as confectionery products remain an affordable luxury in challenging times.”

NCA’s recently-released 2023 State of Treating report reveals that the Easter season continues to be a key moment for candy consumers, generating more than $5 billion in sales in 2022. This represents an increase of more than 9% over 2021, largely driven by consumer enthusiasm for seasonal confectionery gifting.

Even with strong growth in the category, people still understand that chocolate and candy are treats: Americans enjoy chocolate and candy 2-3 times per week, averaging just 40 calories and about one teaspoon of added sugar per day. To help Americans navigate the season, NCA’s Easter Central provides fun facts, tips for managing sugar intake and more Easter insights. For more information Visit for more information


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