Syntegon’s Interpack packaging and processing preparations gather pace

Syntegon has revealed preparations for its first Interpack event are progressing strongly, with a showcase across its packaging and processing equipment lines, reports Neill Barston.

The German-headquartered company, which has its origins under its former guise as part of the global Bosch group, was launched in 2020, and is continuing to grow its profile around the world.

For this year’s key Interpack event, taking place between 4-10 May in Dusseldorf, the business will be showcasing solutions including its NutraFlash turnkey systems for industries including confectionery and snacks.

As the business explained, the system was developed by Makat, a Syntegon company, focusing on the production of starchless gummy and jelly products. It allows for a closed production process covering all steps of jelly production from dosing and mixing the ingredients to product finishing. Innovative kitchen, depositing and oiling technology ensure consistent product quality throughout the entire process. To this effect, the system includes end-to-end recipe management and a coordinated control concept for harmonised operations.

Furthermore, NutraFlash has been specifically designed to cater to the requirements of nutraceutical production. Makat’s Rapidsolver Solids+ at the heart of the solution’s starchless kitchen, for example, achieves a high dry substance content of up to 86 percent when dissolving the base jelly mass. This eliminates the need for drying the jellies and reduces overall process time. After moulding, Makat’s state-of-the-art depositing technology handles gummy and jelly masses with high viscosities reliably – ensuring repeatable product weight and correct supplement content in the functional gummy product.

In addition to Makat’s NutraFlash, Syntegon will showcase a turnkey packaging solution at its booth: A twin tube vertical form, fill and seal machine will pack jellies into pillow bags, before a Robotic Pick-and-Place (RPP) platform transfers them in an upright position into cardboard trays that have been pre-formed on the Kliklok ACE carton erector.

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