Whitakers Chocolates enhances private label printing and flow wrapping operations

UK-based Whitakers Chocolates has unveiled investment into enhancing its printing process and flow wrapping capabilities, as it expands its chocolate production focused on private label ranges, writes Neill Barston.

The company, which has well over a century of delivering a wide range of confectionery ranges from its manufacturing facilities in Skipton, Yorkshire, has enjoyed a notable period of success.

As it added, its newly uprated facilities are targeting greater production of white label product series, for which it has developed a particular specialism.

William Whitaker welcomed the investment and improvement of its capabilities, which he felt would have a noticeable impact on its operations.

He said: “This is an exciting time for Whitakers, and for a number of years now, we have wanted to develop our skills in the flow wrapping market. We have invested in the right machinery and processes to be able to bring this new product to the market.”

The company’s launch product is a 90-gram flow wrap square pack of dark chocolate Fondant Creams. Customers can choose their desired flavour and fully personalise the wrapper.

Among some of the company’s key developments in recent times has been an introduction of its Easymelt couverture line last autumn, based on a 55% dark chocolate.

The firm’s managing director added: “The beauty of this new product is the relatively low minimum order, which opens the product up to so many different customers.”

As the business noted, it has already seen a significant response to this new private label product, with confirmed sales in new markets across Canada, New Zealand, and Australia of over one million packs.

Moreover, fondant cream production is reported to have played a significant role in Whitakers Chocolates’ operation and is a rapidly growing sector, mainly due to its taste and cost-effectiveness. This new product also boasts gluten-free, palm-oil-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly attributes, adding to itsĀ  appeal.

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