Kinder Bueno campaign reveals consumers favourite coffee pairing

A new survey commissioned by Kinder Bueno has found that 43% of people in the US favour chocolate as the perfect pairing for coffee- which gains a national day of celebration this week, writes Neill Barston.

The confectionery brand has gained a strong foothold in the region’s market across Ferrero’s portfolio, which includes its Surprise range, as well as Tic Tac and Rocher series.

Its Bueno range is set to mark National Coffee Day on 29 September with the introduction of “Unwrap and Ungrind,” a new addition to its annual coffee programme with the goal of helping consumers to take a moment to savour their favourite treats.

As part of this, a OnePoll survey commissioned by Kinder Bueno, found that 61% of coffee-drinking Americans said drinking coffee is less enjoyable to them if they’re stressed.

Furthermore, a total of 44% of respondents say that their day can be improved if they sip and savour their coffee whenever and wherever they choose, versus slurping it down between meetings or daily errands.

It was also found that people would gladly give up some of those everyday errands to make time to relax and enjoy their coffee with 30% of people saying they’d give up checking emails, 28% of people would give up hair grooming and styling, 25% of people would give up brushing their teeth.

The survey results also suggests that chocolate (43%) is the most popular thing to pair with coffee. In fact, chocolate was found to be so closely tied to coffee that 75% of coffee and chocolate pairers said that they felt emotionally better when they have the two together and 84% can improve their day with the duo if they can sip and savor their coffee whenever and wherever they choose.

“When you pair Kinder Bueno with coffee, it has the power to help you savour your coffee moment because it’s a delicate treat that you don’t tear into, but an invitation to slow down,” said Shalini Stansberry, Vice President of Marketing, Kinder Snacking. “That’s why we’re celebrating National Coffee Day with “Unwrap and Ungrind,” to remind consumers that they deserve to enjoy their everyday coffee moments rather than treating them as fuel up moments for the busy day ahead.”

As remote work and learning become the new normal, 33% of US. adults reported that they enjoy their coffee the most at home and 17% enjoy their coffee most at a cafĂ© or while reading a book. However, for some, instead of setting time aside to enjoy these coffee moments, Americans are drinking their coffee on the go or while multi-tasking with 17% of respondents sharing that they’ve had to drink their coffee while commuting and the most inconvenient places where they’ve had to drink their coffee was while shopping or getting ready.

According to the results of the study, over (67%) of respondents said that how much they enjoy their coffee depends on how much time they have to make it and 78% said that getting the chance to sip and enjoy their coffee whenever and wherever they choose would improve their day overall.

To help inspire coffee moments that you can savour, Kinder Bueno is also giving away up to 10 of their “Sip N’ Savour” seats. The chairs contain a cushioned pillow rest complete with a coffee cup holder and an armrest caddy, visit  @KinderBuenoUS for more details.


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