Cocoa Runners retailer launches virtual learning for young people

The UK based craft chocolate retailer Cocoa Runners is launching a new virtual experience for young people and families. The ‘Tasting and Learning Short Course’ is an interactive, online programme, designed for children aged 7-12.

As the business explained to Confectionery Production, its education sessions launch this summer, taking place in the final week of August.

Nick at Cocoa Runners, a former teacher, wanted to emphasise the educational value of the sessions: “We’ve really tried to design the course like a ‘mini-curriculum’. It should give children a strong basis of understanding for the world of craft chocolate”.

The course, which consists of three 45 minute sessions, covers a range of subjects areas:

In the first session, learners will be guided through chocolate’s curious history, and they will taste bars which demonstrate how chocolate has changed over time.

The second session is all about the science of chocolate, and answers important questions like: How is chocolate made? And: How does flavour work?

In the third session, learners will evaluate how chocolate impacts on the planet. They will explore how cocoa beans are grown, and the places and people that grow them.

“Children don’t want to be lectured; so we’ve made sure that the sessions allow lots of interactivity. Learners can ask and answer questions, share their ideas, and at the end, we’ll give out ‘Chocolate Explorer’ certificates so that they feel a sense of accomplishment”.

Participants in the course receive a box of tasting chocolate to accompany the sessions. The ‘tasting kit’ contains 8 diverse chocolates.

“We obviously hope that children (and grown-ups!) will learn a lot from the course, but it’s also important that they have fun, and enjoy tasting the amazing chocolate that comes with it too”.

Cocoa Runners is a craft chocolate subscription service and distributor. Their chocolate library contains hundreds of bars from dozens of the world’s best craft chocolate makers.

The small company is also passionate about raising the profile of, and educating people about, all aspects of the world of craft chocolate.

“We believe that craft chocolate is better for farmers, better for the planet, and better for consumers. We want to make sure we keep increasing the opportunities for a wider and wider audience to discover that too”.

Anyone interested in the course can find more information on the Cocoa Runners website here:

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