Ritter Sport welcomes Veganuary with vegan friendly chocolate

German-based Ritter Sport is marking this year’s Veganuary in highlighting four of its chocolate bar series which are vegan friendly products, writes Neill Barston.

The range includes its Marzipan flavour, reportedly the company’s best selling variant, combining sweet Californian almonds coated in 50% dark chocolate, and a 74% intense dark Peruvian option, which is made with only three ingredients and single origin 100% certified sustainable sourced, slightly spiced cacao.

Furthermore, the company also has a 50% dark chocolate with beans from Nicaragua and Papua New Guinea, with the series being available from select UK stores.

Katy Clark, Head of Marketing said: “Veganuary has certainly got a little tastier this year thanks to our range of accidentally vegan chocolate bars. British consumers love chocolate and we know the craving for a square can sometimes be too much especially when you’ve pledged to go vegan. But now you can beat that temptation with our vegan friendly chocolate bars.

“What’s more we are extremely proud that our range is made with 100% sustainably sourced cocoa as well as all natural ingredients, so whether you’re one of the 18% of people who take part in Veganuary for environmental reasons or have your own reasons to ‘go vegan’, we really have got you covered this Veganuary and all year round!”

Toni Vernelli, Head of International Communications Veganuary has welcomed the involvement of Ritter Sport in this year’s campaign.

He adds: “Veganuary is creating a new wave of consumers with strong ethics and a big appetite. This a real opportunity for businesses to improve and expand their vegan offerings for the growing climate-conscious audience. We’re delighted that Ritter Sport has risen to this challenge – helping people to live more lightly on the earth while still eating food they love – we know new-vegans really miss good chocolate – and with Ritter Sport there is no compromise!”


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