Efficiency gains targeted by Fortress’s intelligent inspection systems

UK-based Fortress Technology has expanded its new range of intelligent inspection systems for manufacturers, including those within confectionery and bakery markets.

As the company explained to Confectionery Production, its latest systems, which have been developed with advanced internet-monitored features, include an XL version for bulk applications which forms part of three new additions to the group.

Among them is the ’smart’ Raptor checkweighing series uses digital process monitoring technology to advance inspection efficiency, target operational inefficiencies and slash product giveaway.

Redefining how machines and operators interact in future food factory settings, the Raptor series now comprises a compact modular Raptor combination metal detector and checkweigher, a single frame high-spec checkweigher, and XL caseweighing version for ingredient and large applications.

Designed for new-generation manufacturers embracing the digital revolution, the Raptor series addresses major changes on the horizon, including how humans and machines will work even closer together in the age of AI. With the World Economic Forum forecasting that half of all work tasks will be handled by machines by 20251, the Raptor series merges high performance machines and digital data capabilities with human critical thinking.

To assist operatives working alongside these smart machines, Fortress has delivered numerous advanced time-saving features, such as its ‘no-tool’ maintenance, automated COP conformance checks, a totally unique conveyor motor release for ultra-fast machine sanitation, plus secure remote access.

The line has been developed to target complete traceability and consistent weighing results, with the Raptor instantaneously capturing sample readings of individual packs by the millisecond. According to the company, this has only been possible by using the most advanced ARM processors, with the data capture and analytics set to prove a game changer for manufacturing operations concerned about product waste and giveaway.

Saving valuable time and money, the Raptor introduces an innovative, failsafe, paperless, fully auditable COP test routine. The only known inspection machine on the market to configure every test by retailer and product being inspected, Raptor gives food manufacturers the assurance that test steps are never overridden or bypassed.

Using a beacon to alert machine operatives when a test is due, if not performed by the deadline, the Raptor system halts and an alert is generated and sent direct to the factory’s QA or technical manager.

For extra cleanliness and tougher hygiene control, Fortress unveils a new tight fitting conveyor and ‘no-tool’ maintenance concept. Overcoming the longstanding industry challenge of loosening belt tension during machine sanitation, in just seconds operators unclip and disconnect the Raptor conveyor motor and lift out the entire conveyor assembly for maintenance and cleaning. Belt tension and alignment are instantly restored when clipped back into place.

All three Raptors also feature customisable swipe touchscreens, allowing users to select the statistical information and trends that are most relevant to their food operation. For 24/7 support and to eliminate machine downtime, every Raptor is fully configured to provide remote and secure access.

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