Uelzena group extends spray-drying facilities with major site investment

The Uelzena Group has expanded its spray-drying technology at its Uelzen ingredients processing site in Germany, to include an ultra-modern spray-drying plant, as part of a wider project of enhancing its core production facilities.

As the business revealed, its new plant will be housed in a separate building next to the high-bay warehouse finished last year, with preparations for its latest addition having been carefully planned with foundations expected to be put down next month.

The sustainable increase in the milk payout to secure the existence of milk producers drives and motivates the Uelzena Group. This investment in the production facilities and increased diversification shall also help to continue achieving the good company results of recent years and to further expand.

Confectionery Production has previously reported on the company’s expansion of its milk-based product ranges, that have had broad application for use within the confectionery sector, including powdered solutions for the industry.

The new spray tower will be used to meet demand from the food processing industry, including for baby food manufacturers. All requirements for this sector concerning quality and product properties will be able to be fulfilled in future as a result of the increased capacity.

Furthermore, the project enables the firm to meet the growing need of its customers for spray-dried minerals and vitamins with technically demanding product requirements under the highest safety and hygiene standards. Significantly,  the company has many years of experience in this field and the latest requirements of its customers have been incorporated in the design of the new plant.

According to the company, customer requirements will be even easier to implement thanks to the closed system of the new building. The concept also provides a direct connection to the new high-bay warehouse via an automatic conveyor line to further ensure product quality. At a height of 30 metres, the new building will cover an area of 80 metres long by 30 metres wide and will use sustainable technology to optimise energy use and reduce emissions.

The Uelzena Group employs about 500 staff at its Uelzen site, including many specialists in spray drying. Uelzena champions this knowledge and will start operating the new plant with its existing workforce, with commissioning expected to be in May 2022. Additional personnel will, however, be needed from the Uelzen region for the company’s main facility for the new plant to run at full capacity.

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