Ulma packaging welcomes government plans for plastics tax

Ulma Packaging UK has welcomed measures put forward by government to tax plastic packaging that is less than 30% recyclable.

As the company noted, the sector is continually moving toward a more circular economy in plastics, and it believed the latest British legislation will help drive innovation and achieve that goal to deliver tangible positive environmental impacts.

With companies using plastic packaging containing less than 30 per cent recycled content set to be taxed £200 per tonne from April 2022, Ulma added that plastic packaging machinery manufacturers are well-positioned to take the lead in prescribing eco-friendly solutions. The business said it was essential that these firms show leadership on this matter, and through initiatives such as #ULMAweCare, companies can help usher industry into a greener, more sustainable future.

The company said it hoped the new taxation may lead businesses to consider a broader range of packaging solutions that offer plastic reduction, or even replacement.

Furthermore, organisations should broadly consider moving from pre-made packaging trays if they wish to reduce their plastic consumption in line with government guidelines. By opting for thermoforming technology, making packages on demand instead, companies can achieve between a 20-30% reduction in plastics used due to the changing gauge and weight.

Vacuum packaging could also help firms adhere to the new rules set out by the government. Specifically, newer technologies such as vertical form fill sealing air extraction methods can reduce excess air inside packaging, allowing the production of smaller packs using less material. We support the development and application of these kinds of sustainable packaging solutions, and would encourage manufacturers to take them under consideration in light of this impending legislation.

The reduction of plastics in packaging is a priority across multiple sectors, and a wide variety of solutions exist to assist in this goal. As packaging machinery suppliers, ULMA Packaging UK and other key stakeholders are best placed to support businesses throughout this process, and should continue developing further solutions such as recyclable packaging materials in order to help better equip industry for a more sustainable future.

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