Bell Flavors & Fragrances Unveils Spark Trends for 2020

Bell Flavors & Fragrances has unveiled its Spark trends program, with the key trends that will lead the way to new innovations within the flavour and fragrance industry, while also looking at the past five year’s trends.

Spark is Bell’s insider resource for new and emerging consumer trends as well as flavor and fragrance inspirations.

The flavour trends within this years’ Spark program include seeking out the rarest and most authentic ingredients of the world. Consumers are becoming more mindful, not only paying attention to what they eat, but how and why they do it. The crossroads of cooking methodologies and ingredients are visited through the indigenous flavours of South East Asia as well the appreciation for the environment that helps grow the florae that is gathered for consumption in foraging. Cannabis, once illegal, is now permeating all areas of society, from medical to culinary.

Bell said it is looking forward to a new decade, with a new set of innovational Spark trends.

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