Lees of Scotland commissions production efficiency software

Cloud application provider Infor, has provided confectionery manufacturer Lees of Scotland, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to support a modernisation project focused on value engineering.

The application, which was deployed by Infor partner Indigo Software, is expected to maximise capacity on the company’s nine production lines through facilitating easier access to more detailed insights, and allowing the company to boost service levels and explore new growth opportunities.

As regulatory and traceability requirements, along with rapidly evolving consumer trends, continue to put pressure on food manufacturers, having a system which is robust and scalable enough to support this changing landscape is crucial.

In order to maximise capacity across Lees of Scotland’s product range, while supporting regulatory requirements, the team needed a system which allowed visibility of all business process from order processing and financials through to the supply chain.

A long-standing user of Infor ERP, Lees of Scotland upgraded its previous version of the software as part of a value engineering project to maximise quality and service whilst ensuring the business was operating as efficiently as possible.

“Food manufacturing is an increasingly challenging industry as costs increase, consumer trends evolve at a quicker rate than ever before, and changing legislation puts pressure on processes,” comments David J Simson, finance director, Lees of Scotland.

“Having a robust platform which looks after legislation and facilitates the visibility to drive efficient, demand-led production, is key to operating in the new digital economy and with Infor System21 Aurora in place, we have every confidence that we can embrace growth opportunities as the market continues to evolve.”

“Traceability has been a game changer in the food industry and for many manufacturers, has been a catalyst for new systems,” comments Mike Edgett, industry and solution strategy director, Process Manufacturing, Infor.

“This shift to a more technology-led approach to food manufacturing means greater consistency and access to better information, which in turn expedites decision-making and allows a more forward looking, proactive approach to business strategy and increased market share.”

“For any manufacturer, automating core process is imperative in reducing costs, boosting productivity and minimising risk,” comments Darren Baxter, CEO at Indigo Software.

“Whether the priority is harnessing complexity or protecting profit margins, Infor ERP allows access to business insights from across the entire organisation in a user friendly format to enable the right decisions to be made in order to maximise business performance.”

Infor now employs 16,500 employees and over 90,000 customers in more than 170 countries,

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