Hugo Beck unveils confectionery flowpack machine

Hugo Beck has developed a new flowpack machine designed to meet the demands of the chocolate and confectionery sector.

The flowpack X-D can operate at speeds of up to 200 cycles per minute. According to the company, customers are able to produce confectionery display packs to catch the consumer’s eye and they can be personalised.

The box motion transversal sealing unit, the company explains, enables a continuous seal for high output while simultaneously manufacturing the header, using two transverse sealing profiles. Packs can then be collated using accumulation synchronisation or kept contact-free via cascade belts. At the same time, a colour printed card with product information and a best before date can be applied to one side of the pack.

Other features include a film changing machine, control system for aligning the printed film, a choice of belt types for the intake area, and parts designed to allow contact with the product.

“Flowpack machines are ideal for packaging in the confectionery sector where air-tightness and stability of the final product are essential,” says Timo Kollmann, Hugo Beck’s sales director. “No matter the product or the dimensions, our flowpack X-D machine is able to be personalised to each customer’s specific needs to deliver the perfect results.”

The X-D also features a servo axis controller MotionControl and the latest generation of Siemens Sinamics to ensure high quality packaging and maximum machine uptime. The use of special transversal and longitudinal sealing elements allows the creation of special formats such as eight-cornered packs with a tear-open strip, and diamond-shaped designs with an overlapping welding seam or ground ionisation, all of which can be shrunk tightly without creases.

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