IFST launches Food Science Fact Sheets

As part of its commitment to educate the public about food science and technology, the Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) has launched what will become a series of Food Science Fact Sheets providing information on key food science topics. The first two sheets focus on Sugars and Hand Hygiene.

In recent times, sugars and their impact on health are a trending topic with often conflicting advice about how much sugar we should consume, how we can replace it in our meals, and whether it is to blame for the obesity epidemic, especially among children.

Our hands can spread harmful bacteria to food, work surfaces and equipment. People who handle food need to properly wash their hands and take extra care to protect the health of others, IFST says.

Jon Poole, chief executive of IFST, says, “With so much media and press interest in food and health, it is really difficult for anyone to know what advice and guidance can be relied upon when making the simplest of food choices.

“As the independent professional body for food science and technology, we can provide consumers with sound evidence-based guidance and information which we hope will not only help inform their food choices but also stimulate people’s interest in the science behind their food.”

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