Enzyme mix to improve freshness of baked goods

Baking ingredients manufacturer DeutscheBack has unveiled an enzyme mix which is said to improve freshness preservation of rich cake and short crust pastry butters.

The TopSweet Fresh Cake Plus V also keeps packaged cakes and baked goods soft and moist for longer, according to the company, and the longer lasting crumb softness boosts the profitability of baked goods.

DeutscheBack says it was previously not possible to use enzymes to achieve this in fine baked goods because the high concentration of sugar and fat impair enzyme activity.

With TopSweet Fresh Cake Plus V, there is a balanced combination of effective ingredients that extend the freshness of pound cake.

The company drew from the experience of its sister company SternEnzym. The result is a new type of product solution that gives a notable improvement in the crumb with longer lasting softness. In addition, it has a stabilising effect on baked goods’ volume and it does not change the properties of the batter.

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