Multi-flavour pick and place

Cama has developed the IG 270, a new modular robotic loading unit, for a prominent US customer. The new system goes beyond the standard boundaries in terms of mixing variety packs. Market forces are demanding more variety packs and mixed flavour selling units. The new application is not just combining different flavours but mixes up different product formats too. Thanks to the combination of Cama robots and machines, the corrugated board boxes can contain several different configurations of bars, bags, pouches and cartons.

An additional benefit is the contribution of Cama’s packaging department in this project development. The packaging engineering team proposed to substitute the previously used plastic handle with a one piece box with carton handle. The new packaging is cheaper and more environmentally friendly and shows Cama’s commitment to working with their suppliers. This variety pack line is a good example of the scope of services offered by Cama; not just a machine supplier, but a valuable partner to assist the customer with all his product and packaging solution needs.

The reduced footprint, achieved thanks to patented anti-collision software, stand out from Cama solution. Cama delta robots share common working space so they can work one close to the other generating a space reduction up to 40 per cent.

Another advantage is given by the use of on-board electronics, which mean that the electric cabinet disappears, saving space and facilitating the access to the machine. Moreover, reduced cabling is shortening the machines assembly and start-up procedure and, last but not least, energy savings are achieved because there is no need of air conditioning in any part of the machine.

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