Long life printer technology

Videojet Technologies Inc has introduced four new printers with the all new Long Life Core technology. The new additions to the Videojet CIJ portfolio offer an extended life service core, which is guaranteed to provide five years of operation from the time of installation.

Manufacturing facilities are experiencing growing pressure to streamline production processes, reduce downtime and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Being able to predict when equipment will require maintenance is one way to help achieve these goals.

“Like other production equipment, packaging printers require annual maintenance to ensure peak performance. However, the key advantage of our new CIJ printers with the Long Life Core technology is that they offer customers simplified and predictable maintenance as there is no planned wear part replacement required in the first five years” states Anthony Blencowe, global business unit director, Continuous Ink Jet for Videojet.

First introduced in 2007, the Videojet modular service core was a breakthrough in CIJ technology and has been deployed successfully in tens of thousands of customer locations. Unlike competitive printer designs, the modular service core contains all of the critical wear parts in one field serviceable module including pump, valves, and filters.

Blencowe explains: “The Videojet Long Life Core design offers real benefits to the end user. In addition to reducing the maintenance burden on our customers, the core includes on-board intelligence for improved printer stability and better print quality.”

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