Colour coatings product line

Renshaw, a UK-based manufacturer of baking ingredients, has developed a new range coloured compound products, inspired by US trends.

The new product, ‘Renshaw Colour Melts’, will sit within the non-block cake coverings fixture. Renshaw Colour Melts have been formulated to melt easily, giving a strong and stable colour, and are available in yellow, green, blue, red, pink, black and white.

Mark Bosworth, Renshaw Marketing Director, says, “We keep a keen eye on the trends emerging in the States and are confident that Colour Melts will perform well with our UK customers. The development of Colour Melts has ensured that its attributes are superior to competitor products, offering a range of colours without compromising on taste. The application method is easy and fuss-free and provides broad appeal to a variety of skill sets.”

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