Encouraging response to our upcoming World Confectionery Conference

With deadlines upon us, this is going to be something of a brief entry for this week’s blog, but it’s an upbeat one regarding how encouraging the response to our World Confectionery Conference has been so far.

Thanks are due to Tony’s Chocolonely as the latest in agreeing to be part of the event with a key focus on sustainability of its high-profile chocolate making operations, which will form the major area of focus for our event, on how companies, whether finished product, equipment, systems or ingredients businesses, go about making continual improvements to their companies in terms of environmental, social responsibilities and operational enhancements.

These issues and more besides, as well as our World Confectionery Awards – for which we still very much welcome your entries over the next few months via our website, will be occupying the agenda in just a couple of months’ time in Brussels. The majority of our programme is now complete, and we are just completing the finishing touches that will place the icing on the cake of what we are confident will be an enjoyable and memorable event.

Having now had the chance to experience several major global industry showcases in the past few months, it’s clear from all those whom I have spoken to that meeting up in person is by far the most enjoyable means of engaging with the sector. As useful as online meetings and events can be, there’s in all honesty, no substitute for holding an in-person gathering of your industry to help celebrate its positive momentum.

Indeed, amid a backdrop of notably challenging times around the world, having the chance to meet, and exchange ideas on some of the most pressing issues impacting on our industries, represents a fantastic opportunity to help shape the debate and course of the sector in these most momentous of times. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the very near future in Belgium.

Neill Barston, editor, Confectionery Production magazine

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