Caobisco goes nuts for sustainability

18 July 2012 – Improving working conditions in hazelnut orchards in Turkey and boosting supply is a priority for Caobisco.

Caobisco and its members are committed to progress with a multi-stakeholder approach including all parties in the hazelnut supply chain. Addressing the root causes of poor labour practices in the Turkish hazelnut sector cannot be achieved by the private sector in isolation and a joint effort of all relevant private and public stakeholders is required under the leadership of the Turkish government.

Stakeholders met earlier this month to explore how best to advance towards a multi-stakeholder process that is inclusive, constructive and meaningful. The essential objective is to follow the implementation of the Turkish government action plan and to communicate on the effective improvements towards the elimination of child labour in the hazelnut supply chain. Caobisco and its members are committed to working in public private partnership to achieve this. The first agreed step is to set up a working group that will define the roles and responsibilities of each participant in a multi-stakeholder platform.

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