Bright future for peanuts

8 September 2011 – The American Peanut Council forecasts a bright future for high protein peanut flour in line with increased demand for quality plant protein. Recent reports have predicted a boom in the high quality protein market as consumers begin to recognise protein’s weight management potential. Once only the domain of the sporting elite, protein is reaching a wider consumer audience and quality expectations are rising. As a result, sales of ‘novel’, high quality proteins, such as peanuts, are estimated to reach £1.71 billion within the decade.

Containing 40%-50% high quality protein, depending on the level of fat, peanut flour can be used to add flavour and nutrition in a number of applications, including nutrition bars and snacks, sauces and marinades and baked goods. Defatted peanut flour harnesses the protein of roasted peanuts through the partial extraction of oil. Peanut flour offers manufacturers a cost effective way to formulate high protein in foods that are both healthy and gluten free.

Louise McKerchar, European marketing director, American Peanut Council, comments, “Health conscious consumers are more aware than ever of protein’s benefits, which include weight management and satiety. However, protein fortified products often suffer from taste and textural issues. More innovative formats, such as bars and beverages, also need to be offered. Peanut flour can help manufacturers overcome each one of these challenges, thanks to its textural properties, versatility and healthy, flavoursome profile. We therefore expect more manufacturers to turn to peanut flour as they look to meet growing demand for protein-rich products derived from plants that look and taste great.”

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