Exclusive: Caobisco welcomes involvement in our 2024 World Confectionery Conference

Caobisco, the European trade association for confectionery, chocolate and biscuits, has welcomed its returning involvement in this year’s World Confectionery Conference to its home patch of Brussels, Belgium, writes Neill Barston.

The key organisation has been a founding partner for our event, which is now in its fourth edition, and is especially momentous this year with it celebrating our publication’s 90th anniversary.

This year, we’ll be placing sustainability within all spheres of industry once again in the spotlight, as well as highlighting key innovation across the sector as another core component of this year’s show as it returns to Brussels on 12 September. There will also be an additional chocolate tasting tour opportunity on the morning of 13 September forming a fitting finale for the latest edition of our conference.

The group is set to unveil who will be a keynote speaker for our event later this month following internal elections, with the group joining a strong line-up to date including Cargill, Ferrero, Tony’s Chocolonely, Mintel, FMCG Gurus, Palsgaard, Kruger & Salecker, Plamil Foods, DT& G Ltd and ZDS confectionery school among a number of others.

Speaking to Confectionery Production, Muriel Korter, director general of Caobisco, enthused that the organisation “is excited to welcome the 2024 WCC conference back to Brussels,” being a city renowned as the world’s chocolate capital and the heart of the European Union.

The director emphasised that this event will provide a platform for companies from across Europe and beyond, to showcase the high added value of manufacturers in the confectionery, fine bakery ware, and chocolate sectors.

“In this crucial election year,” Muriel Korter highlighted, “EU citizens will determine the legislative and policy direction of the EU at a time of significant internal and external challenges, shaping the future of the Union for years to come. We hope the right path will be chosen to put amongst others, at its heart, sustainability and industry innovation.” She believes the event will offer an excellent opportunity to share innovative industry developments among manufacturers and exchange views on current economic, political, and societal challenges impacting the chocolate, biscuits, and confectionery sectors in the EU and on global markets.

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