Sponsored: Sustainable Premium Cocoa Butter Equivalents from Tree Borne Sal Seeds, Shea Nuts & Mango Kernels for Rich & Delightful Chocolate Experience

Everything We do for “Sustainable Growth From Green to Gold”, Since more than 4 decades

About Manorama Industries Limited:

Manorama Industries Limited is a Pioneer in plant based Tree Borne Sal, Mango, Kokum Butters and a leading player in Shea Butter globally.

A leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty fats and butters to the luxury food, chocolate and confectionery industries, as well as cosmetic corporations. Our product range is derived from exotic seeds and nuts like sal seed, shea nuts, mango kernels, and other plant-based sources. Over the years, we have become renowned for sustainable co-development in the food and personal care sectors.

With a rich heritage in pioneering the extraction of specialty fats and butters from tree borne and plant based seeds and nuts, we have achieved remarkable progress. Our expertise lies in food ingredients, including Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE) for chocolate, coating and moulding compounds, as well as specialized fats and butters tailored for filled chocolates, confectionery, dairy, bakery, and food service industries. Furthermore, we have successfully ventured into the shea goods segment, which has a tremendous worldwide demand and promising market potential.

Innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction form the core of our operations. We take pride in our ability to provide tailor-made solutions and contribute to the success of our partners in the food and personal care industries. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to upholding our position as a global player in specialty fats and butters, and are excited to explore new opportunities for growth and co- development.

Our CBE Supplies:

Manorama Industries Limited brings you 100% natural and sustainable Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE), sourced from tree borne seeds. Harnessing the richness of sustainability, our product promises uncompromised quality and authenticity with a commitment to deliver on the promise.

The global market for Cocoa Butter Equivalent has shown rapid growth driven by the ever-increasing demand for chocolate and confectionery products worldwide.

Our Milcoa range is sustainable Cocoa Butter Equivalent from natural tree borne seeds.

Manorama has been resolving the challenges of chocolate market by offering positive solutions and is committed to the best possible ways to elevate your business.

Cocoa Butter Equivalents (CBEs) are Manorama’s core product. CBEs behave like cocoa butter in all respects and are compatible with cocoa butter in various proportion without altering the melting rheological and processing characteristics of the final chocolate product. The principal advantages of incorporating CBEs are the savings in production costs as CBEs are more economical than cocoa butter. CBEs also offer improved milk fat tolerance and improved stability of chocolates in tropical climates.

Our CBE serves as the best option to mimic and match cocoa butter in its melting profile and we provide versatile solutions with customized products.

Our CBE Products:

Our CBE is a blend of high quality refined hard fractions of Sal Seed/ Shea Nuts/ Mango Kernel fat with special triglyceride Palm fraction.

Our Premium CBE products named MILCOA ES70, MILCOA ES70S, MILCOA ES70M


• Mimics Cocoa Butter & Melting Profile

• Proven & Globally Accepted

• Excellent Flavour Release

• Fully Compatible with Cocoa Butter

• Also Available in HT (Heat Tolerant)


• Premium Ultra CBE

• Perfect Melting Profile

• Compelling Flavour Release

• Recommended for Premium Chocolates


• Melting Range Reflective of Cocoa Butter

• Improves Bloom Stability & Shelf Life

• Excellent Flavour Stability

• Retaining Natural Colour Of Chocolate

Collaborate with us for best CBE solutions:

With vulnerable cocoa bean production and an unprecedented high price volatility, CBE is poised to make rapid and giant strides to meet the ever growing and appetizing demand for chocolate.

Our Cocoa Butter Equivalents enable clientele to collaboratively pioneer ground-breaking products.

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration to foster superior solutions. Our distinctive co- development methodology, paired with our extensive capabilities and commitment to sustainable sourcing, aims to enhance your product and fortify your business.

MIL takes pride in providing enhanced versatility, empowering customers to effective, meaningful and profitable changes and unlocking boundless potential for their chocolate innovations.

Our specialty CBE is meticulously formulated to complement or entirely substitute cocoa butter in your recipes. We are dedicated to offering invaluable solutions to elevate your business, such as:

• Tailored Solutions: Customized to meet your specific needs.

• Extended Product Shelf Life: Ensuring longevity and freshness.

• Healthier Brand Profile: Promoting a healthier image for your brand.

• Optimized Processing: Streamlining production for efficiency.

• Clean Label: Providing transparency and purity in ingredients.

Ensuring Sustainability & Empowering Communities:

As part of our corporate values we are committed to empower tribal women and their families of India and Western Africa, through self-help groups to grow together and foster independence and sustainability. With a focus on zero carbon emissions, supporting tree plantation etc our initiatives not only uplift communities but also prioritize environmental stewardship. Explore collaborative partnership opportunities with us, visit www.manoramagroup.co.in or connect with us at [email protected], [email protected]

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