Australia’s TNA unveils new White Paper on innovation for gummy production

Australian-headquartered industry equipment and solution group, TNA, has delivered a key White Paper on gummy production, evaluating how the business can assist manufacturers gain the most out of its systems, reports Neill Barston.

Notably, as the business observed, demand for confectionery around the world continues to soar, in spite of constraints upon household budgets around the world, as economies experience turbulent conditions in many territories, which in turn is driving the continued development of machinery.

The gummy processing segment is no exception to that, and as TNA observed, delivering product ranges that are ever-more inventive product lines requires newer, faster, smarter and more versatile production technology that can cater to these demands.

Ed Smagarinsky, group product manager for the business, has underlined the company’s approach to engaging with the development of enhanced machinery, including its NID lines, that sit at the core of its portfolio within the segment. (You can view the full extended TNA White Paper here).

He said: “As the confectionery market continues to grow, there is a greater need than ever for manufacturers to create products that deliver a memorable sensory experience and that stand out amongst competitor products. Experimenting with new textures, ingredient combinations and flavours is showing great market return for leading manufacturers. This, however, is having an impact on the processing plant. Manufacturers increasingly require more innovative, smarter and versatile gummy processing technology that can help them cater to constantly evolving consumer demands. Working with a confectionery specialist like NID from TNA can help confectioners do just that.

“Renowned across the food industry as a pioneer in the development of starch moulding equipment, NID has been supplying complete mogul lines for the confectionery industry for over 60 years. Its latest generation of high-speed NID forté MHP 3 Mogul is the result of more than six decades of innovation and development and capable of production speeds of up to 35 trays per minute. Accommodating a wide range of depositing pumps, the NID forté MHP 3 is a fully integrated solution that is suitable for a multitude of starch-moulded products, including gums, jellies, marshmallows and liquorice.

“Now, TNA is working towards meeting gummy processing with a new eye. Combining NID’s extensive knowledge of the confectionery market with TNA’s capabilities in innovation the group is focused on flexible system designs for better productivity, maximum uptime, safety and reliability across the entire confectionery line to offer manufacturers complete turnkey solutions from a single source.”

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