Symrise set for Tech summit highlighting its AI customer tools at Gulfood Manufacturing

Flavours and fragrances specialist Symrise is set to offer a major platform to its key AI tool, Symvision, which has been developed to proved greater consumer insights for its customers, writes Neill Barston.

As the business noted, it will be drawing upon a decade of proprietary data to shopper preferences, and industry trends across the food and drink market, including for confectionery and snacks.

Significantly, the business, which is exhibiting at booth H8-4 and H8-1 until November 9, will also be participating at the Tech Summit (on November 9), where Dr. Dariah V. Lutsch and Priti Pal will present as keynote speakers.

They will discuss the role of AI in the food industry and data-driven flavor trend prediction. Visitors can experience the Symvision AI flavour trend prediction tool in action on its stand.

They can participate in 1:1 sessions with the Sensory & Consumer Insights team., Symrise will introduce its taste, nutrition & health portfolio by featuring differentiated and tailor-made products. They meet the specific need states of four regional consumer personas. Symrise has decoded them with its proprietary 2023 Eating & Drinking Behavior Study. This coupling of sensory & consumer insights with the growing portfolio will strengthen the expertise of Symrise in taste, nutrition, and health.

During the show, Symrise will unveil its innovative approach to understanding consumer preferences in food & beverages, catering to various functional and emotional need states.

To illustrate these, Symrise will present four distinct regional consumer personas – The Traditionalist, The Explorer, The Gamer, and The Meal Replacer. It has decoded them with its 2023 Eating & Drinking Behavior Study. This included online & offline research methodologies across Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey.

These personas represent the diverse consumer lifestyles in the region. Symrise is supporting this research with Symvision AI™, its flavor trend prediction tool.

It helps to design products meeting consumers taste preferences, functional and emotional need states. Its comprehensive taste, nutrition & health technology portfolio ranges from seasonings, responsibly sourced natural ingredients, to its Symlife taste balancing tools. This delivers unique quality and authentic food and beverages that align with these consumer profiles and need states.

In particular, visitors can taste the following concepts relating to the four personas: The Traditionalist: natural wholesome and authentic culinary experiences for family occasions.

The Explorer: plant-based innovation, meeting the consumer demand for zero compromise on authentic taste.

The Gamer: performance enhancing snacks and beverages while gaming.

The Meal Replacer: on the go convenient snacks and meals, with no compromise on nutrition.

For its participation at the summit, Dr. Dariah V. Lutsch & Priti Pal will take center stage. Dr. Lutsch contributes from her expertise in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in the food industry. During her presentation, she will delve into the increasing utilisation of AI to address business challenges and enhance operational excellence within the food industry.

Furthermore, Dr. Lutsch will shed light on how companies can leverage AI for sensory and consumer science, focusing on data analysis, modeling, and prediction tools. These form a crucial element for staying ahead in the competitive food market.

In addition, Priti Pal will present a real-life example, illustrating how to harness multi-source data to predict flavor trends. Ms. Pal will showcase how flavors transcend geographical boundaries and product categories, and how Symrise customers can harness this information to detect emerging trends. Additionally, she will discuss how to use AI to understand consumers’ emotional and functional needs, thereby identifying market innovation opportunities. The session will take place on day 3, November 9, 2023, at 12:05.

Visitors to Gulfood are invited to interact with Symvision AI to see how it goes beyond analysing data and orchestrates it into actionable segment strategies. The advanced machine learning algorithms identify hidden patterns, detects emerging trends, and predict opportunities that will answer consumers’ emotional and functional food & beverage wishes. Symvision AI and Symrise Sensory Science will guide food and beverage manufacturers through each stage of product development.

“We invite visitors of the Symrise booth to discover lifestyle driven products with us”, says Sofiane Berrahmoune, Vice President Africa Middle East, Turkey & CIS at Symrise. “We are dedicating ourselves to designing those products that resonate with today’s consumers. This begins with the pursuit of great taste and a profound understanding of their ever evolving needs to enable manufacturers to create great tasting products for their region and area of application.”

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