Capol prepares major natural confectionery colouring showcase for Sweets & Snacks Expo

Glazing, sealing and anti-sticking specialist business, Capol, will be placing a wide range of solutions under the spotlight as it returns to this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, US, next week, reports Neill Barston.

The business has gained decades of experience in delivering confectionery surface treatments, with this year’s focus set to hone in on creating sensory experiences with natural solutions from colours, flavours and finishes with expert advice and inspiration.

Its appearance follows hotly on the heels of the company exhibiting at ProSweets in Cologne, Germany, where it showcased its portfolio based on developing visually appealing confectionery products, including its key Vivapigments range.

As the business noted, for Chicago, the company will be presenting a number of options for manufacturers who want to create exciting surface finishes for sweets and snacks that appeal to the senses: Coated acids are designed tocreate sweet and sour coatings, like for sanded gummy bears with the ‘little extra’.

With adhesion systems by Capol confections and snacks can easily be covered with exciting coatings, e.g. in applying spicy seasonings to nuts or applying fruity powders to dragées.

Furthermore, glazing and sealing agents create an all-time favourite glossy finish for dragées that makes colours pop out, and for manufacturers who intend to omit the shellac sealing step on their confections, Capol added that its team will be on hand to advise on present alternative options.

While such solutions are already widely established as the standard in Europe, natural food colours are also becoming more and more prevalent in the US confectionery market, which the business is seeking to capitalise on.

Among its core solutions is Vivagipments natural colour pigments for confectionery products as well as baked goods and sweet or savoury snacks can shine in vibrant colours – all naturally. By encapsulating natural colouring substances in a rice protein matrix using the patented technology, natural pigments can be created with outstanding stability and opacity, with applications across gums, jellies, pralines and sugar-coated dragées.

At the booth, visitors will be able to get an impression of the combination of natural colours, flavours and surface finishings at the example of various samples from the world of sweets and confections, such as in an application in the form of oversized fruit gummy bears. Capol will be at the supplier showcase for Sweets & Snacks Expo between 22-23 May at the West Hall with Skyline Ballroom at booth 30419.

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