Consumer study names Cadbury’s eggs as nation’s favourite Easter treat

A fresh seasonal UK shopping survey has found that 64% of people named Cadbury’s as their favourite egg brand, according to the study from market intelligence group Vypr, writes Neill Barston.

According to the latest report, remaining favourites included Mars, Galaxy and Maltesers, with only 11% of conusmers opting for own-brand product ranges from the likes of Aldi.

The intelligence platform asked its 65,000 community for their views on favourite easter activities, with 82% of consumers said they’d spend the traditional long weekend with family, with approximately 20% spending it with friends.

A third (33%) said they would be with their partner during Easter. So how are Vypr’s community planning to spend their Easter? Just under 50% (48.62%) said they plan to have an Easter lunch, with 20% undecided. 31% said they didn’t plan to do anything.

In terms of shopping preferences, a total of 86% of respondents said they’d buy their Easter Eggs from a supermarket, with less than 5% choosing to buy online or from a specialist chocolate shop such as Hotel Chocolat or Lindt. According to Vypr’s research, just over 4% of consumers would buy an Easter egg from a convenience store.

As for activities, the study showed that 45% of people surveyed were planning to organise events at home, such as Easter egg hunts, whil 15% said they’d participate in one of the National Trust organised days traditionally held at one of their properties across the UK.

While chocolate plays a central role in Easter, Vypr asked what other treats would be purchased. 55% of respondents would have traditional hot cross buns this year. 35% of consumers said they’d buy flavoured versions (e.g. salted caramel, chocolate). 27% of respondents said they’d purchase Easter-shaped food such as crumpets, with 24% buying themed cakes. Only 12% said they wouldn’t be buying anything else.

In terms of what makes Eater special, 30% of people said their favourite aspect of the season was spending time with friends and family, while 21% appreciated it most as it felt like the start of Spring. Additionally, 19% said it was a four-day weekend, while just under 8% cited religious activities. Chocolate still featured highly, with 22% of respondents stating it was the most enjoyable part of Easter.

Ben Davies, Founder of Vypr, said: “Easter has grown substantially from its traditional routes to a much larger celebration. As a result, we have seen growth in Easter-related product offerings, providing consumers with more options. Food producers need to keep innovating around taste, texture and flavourings. For example, more than a dozen hot cross bun flavours now include savoury options.”

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