Lotus Bakeries gains major national retailing list for milk chocolate cream tablet

Lotus Bakeries has gained a key debut national retail listing for its Milk Chocolate Biscoff Cream tablet, through Co-op stores, writes Neill Barston.

The line is available from this week, with the new 180g chocolate bar being made available in 500 of the ethically-focused retailer’s stores, offering a fresh twist on a well-established brand.

It features the company’s iconic smooth Lotus Biscoff spread, encased within a creamy Belgian milk chocolate shell that is speckled with crunchy biscuit pieces. The bar forms part of a wider confectionary range launching soon across the UK.

Frances Booth, UK Category & Development Marketing Manager, welcomed the listing: “After huge consumer demand for more Lotus Biscoff products in the UK, we are thrilled to be breaking into the confectionary sector with the launch of our Milk Chocolate Biscoff Cream bar. There has been a huge buzz around Lotus Biscoff in recent years and expanding our UK portfolio with this momentous launch is an exciting step forward.

“It all began with a little red biscuit and now we have become a four-category brand with the launch of our chocolate bar rooting us firmly in the confectionary market and driving sales in a new direction. We are delighted to introduce our Milk Chocolate Biscoff Cream tablet to the UK market, along with a wider range of NPD launching very soon!”

Rowan Beattie, Co-op Confectionary Buyer, said:“We know that Lotus Biscoff is already very popular and has quite the following, so we’re delighted to be the first to be able to sell this product to its fans. Co-op is always looking for new and innovative product development to add to the range, choice and products that provide a compelling offer and excites customers and we can’t wait to see the reaction to the new chocolate bar.”

As with the entire Lotus Biscoff product range, the chocolate bar features the impactful and eye-catching red background that is synonymous with the iconic brand, coupled with detailed images of the chocolate bar itself. The vibrant packaging achieves a striking appearance and strong shelf impact for those all-important impulse purchases.


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