Dawn Foods cocoa filings target sweet baked goods category

An innovative launch from Dawn Foods is set to benefit the sweet baked goods category in the form of its new fat-based, pre-and post-bake, ready-to-use Delicream Cocoa Fillings for croissants, cookies or muffins.

With a smooth texture, and an indulgent chocolate taste, the range includes Delicream Cocoa Bake, Delicream Cocoa & Caramel Bake, Delicream Hazelnut & Cocoa and Delicream Nut Bake, all of which contain non hydrogenated fats and RSPO palm oil.

For bakers looking for a filling with an alternative to palm oil, Dawn now offers Delicream Cocoa Bake made with Shea Butter, a naturally renewable raw material.

The company’s cocoa fillings are said to be easily spreadable and ready-to-use in both baked and un-baked applications. All the Delicream Cocoa Fillings do not contain water, so they work perfectly in fresh and longer shelf-life products.

The series’ Cocoa Bake, Delicream Cocoa Bake with Shea Butter and Delicream Cocoa & Caramel Bake also contain sunflower seed paste for extra creaminess and spreadability.

Delicream Hazelnut & Cocoa is the one product in the range to be used after baking. Containing high levels of hazelnuts for a rich flavour, it is ideal for filling muffins or spreading on baked products.

The new Delicream Cocoa Fillings have been introduced as part of Dawn’s commitment to using more sustainably produced fats in its ingredients.

As the business noted, it only only uses RSPO palm oil in recipes where palm oil is required, and the use of shea butter is a first in Dawn UK & Ireland’s Delicream product range. Shea butter is made from the shea nut or shea tree which grows naturally in the ‘shea belt’ in Africa.

The shea tree is difficult to cultivate in plantations and new trees are a result of carefully targeted regeneration by farmers, with all nuts harvested by the local population, so providing an environmentally friendly fat alternative.

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