Taura Natural Ingredients set for new healthier snacks series at Food Ingredients Europe

The global Taura Natural Ingredients group is to unveil its latest series of snack-based fruit solutions at the Food Ingredients Europe trade fair in France this December.

As the business noted, its new Jus Fruit Fibre+ TM range has been designed to have the benefits of fibre without compromising on taste or texture, in response to consumer demand for healthier items.

There is rising awareness of the importance of gut health for both physical and mental wellbeing. However, obtaining sufficient amounts of fibre from dietary sources can be tough – adults are recommended to eat at least 25g a day, but the average portion of fruit provides just 1.3g.

According to Taura, this is driving demand for convenient products that can boost fibre intake. High-fibre is now in the top four claims for new bakery and snack product launches, and there has been a 12.8% increase in snacks with a high-fibre claim since 2016.

To help meet demand for tasty, high-fibre snacks, the company has developed a new range of fruit solutions with added high-fibre ingredients. JusFruit Fibre+ allows manufacturers to create low-calorie products with more than 20g of fibre per 100g without compromising on taste or texture.

JusFruit Fibre+ is available as a standalone snack, a paste, or an inclusion in healthy snacks.

Made using Taura’s unique URC process, the solutions in the range contain up to 15% less sugar than regular fruit inclusions. Vegan, preservative-free and allergen-free, they also offer excellent mouthfeel. Benefits for manufacturers include moisture migration control, flexible formulations and easy line extensions.

Els Vandenberghe, R&D Manager at Taura EMEA, said: “Consumers are increasingly aware of the many health benefits offered by fibre, but there is a big gap between recommended intake and actual intake. This means high-fibre will continue to be an important claim, particularly in the healthy snacking sector. The JusFruit Fibre+ range is perfect for manufacturers who are committed to healthy and responsible snacking and want to offer high-fibre products without compromising on taste or texture.”

Taura will be exhibiting at Food Ingredients Europe (Stand 6N101), between December 3-5. As well as JusFruit Fibre+, it will be showcasing fruit tablets in the new FIE Tasting Bar.

Peter Forceville, Head of Sales & Marketing at Taura EMEA, said: “We wanted to inspire visitors and sample something new and unique. We chose fruit tablets as a new individual snacking format with a completely new positioning compared to existing products on the market.”

Additionally, visitors will be able to sample a new Taura product with functional properties. Filed for patent, it will be available to sample in the New Product Gallery.

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