Tanis Confectionery takes over Fast Track activities

Tanis Confectionery has signed a joint venture agreement with Australia-based JH Tester Industrial Automation.

Tanis is to acquire a majority position in the company that took over the Fast Track activities in September 2017.

Tanis started the extension of its activities in the Asia Pacific region in 2015 by founding Tanis Confectionery Australia. With the acquisition of the Fast Track activities Tanis expands its production of moguls, sugar sanders, starch systems, dust collectors and starch storages.

Leo Tanis, founder and CEO of Tanis Confectionery, says, “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us. This acquisition opens the door wide to new Asian and South Pacific clients, where as we are simultaneously improving our service to our existing clients in the region.”

Murray Tester, CEO and director at JH Tester Industrial Automation, adds, “In September last year we saw the opportunity to grab Fast Track and we didn’t think twice, and now with this joint venture with a world leading company like Tanis Confectionery, we will no doubt be able to grow the companies to heights that were not previously possible.”

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