Cloetta to remove palm oil in glazing agents

Swedish confectioner Cloetta has revealed plans to remove palm oil used in glazing agents in a move that will see the majority of its products become palm oil free by the end of 2017.

In addition, Cloetta has decided to implement RSPO segregated palm oil in its chocolate and fudge assortment as of the end of this year.

“The reason for removing palm oil from the glazing agents is that at present it is difficult to achieve a traceable pipeline back to the mills for the small amount of palm oil contained in the glazing agents,” the company says.

Glazing agents are used on most of Cloetta’s products to create a shiny and protective surface that prevents the products from sticking together.

Based on stakeholder dialogues with customers and consumers, Cloetta has also said it will improve the traceability of the palm oil found in parts of its assortment, mainly chocolate and fudge products. The target is to have RSPO segregated palm oil implemented in all affected products by the end of 2017. After implementation, Cloetta says it will be able to guarantee that only RSPO-certified palm oil is found in its products.

The company adds that it will also know from which mills the palm oil originates.

“This is a major step forward in terms of traceability for Cloetta compared to the old set up with GreenPalm-certificates,” Cloetta concludes.

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