Acacia gum improves shelf life of bread

Adding acacia gum to bread improves the shelf life and consumer experience, according to a new study commissioned by Alland & Robert.

The tests were conducted using two grades of acacia gum, acacia gum seyal and acacia gum senegal, with three different dosages of 1%, 3% and 6%. Trials were conducted on two different types of bread: white sandwich bread and gluten-free bread and the results were measured against a control bread which contained no acacia gum.

The research, which was conducted by LEMPA (Laboratory for the testing of food products), found that acacia gum improved the texture – a 25% increase in softness on white bread after four days. The addition of acacia gum was also shown to increase water retention in the breads leading to a higher final weight for identical original recipes, allowing for a heightened sensation of freshness.

Globally, the addition of acacia gum enhanced the shelf life of both types of breads, with a short term preservation gain of up to 50%. The sensory study also revealed that breads containing acacia gum are more appreciated by consumers, both in white sandwich and gluten-free bread. For acacia gum seyal or senegal, breads with added acacia gum received more positive feedback on taste, colour, smell and crustiness than the control sample.

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