ADAS to protect British food

ADAS, a leading UK environmental consultancy, has been awarded a major contract to manage the delivery of the EU Protected Food Names Scheme (EUPFN) in England on behalf of Defra.

The contract will see the consultancy assisting British producers with the legal protection of regional and traditional food and drinks, which have a unique heritage, character and reputation. Protected Name Status can be awarded to food whose authenticity and origin is guaranteed to avoid imitation within the EU.

Applications for protection have previously been handled by Food From Britain (FFB), the organisation commissioned by the Government to increase exports of UK food and drink. FFB came to a close on 31 March when the contract for promotion and administration of the EUPFN scheme transfered to ADAS.

ADAS is welcoming Irene Bocchetta from FFB to a permanent position at ADAS, who will bring with her specific expertise of the scheme, consultation procedures and requirements of EU legislation. Irene will lead a team of ADAS food and marketing consultants working with food producers, food groups and public sector organisations to promote the scheme and assist producers with their applications.

Rosemary James, sector manager for Regional Government at ADAS, explains, “The EUPFN scheme has a vital role to play in the protection of unique British products, many of which contribute significantly to a region’s reputation and tourist appeal, and gives recognition to the high quality food produced across the UK.

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