Does Mondelez treat employees unfairly?

Mondelez International is once again under the spotlight for its unfair treatment of employees.

Members of Unite working for Cadbury’s Bournville plant in Birmingham are joining forces with colleagues from Egypt to challenge human rights violations by Mondelez towards employees in Egypt.

The global snack company, which is now led by former Kraft CEO, Irene Rosenfeld, has been linked to the sacking of five union leaders in Egypt and the dismissal of a worker for speaking out following the loss of his thumb in an accident at Cadbury in Egypt. The company has also locked out legitimate trade unions at sites in Tunisia and Egypt.

Unite national officer, Jennie Formby says, “This is a company that has repeatedly demonstrated that it has little respect or concern for its workforce and their employment rights.

“Unite warned Kraft that their future behaviour towards workers would be under close scrutiny following the hostile Kraft-Cadbury takeover in 2010.

“As soon as they took over the company, hundreds of jobs were lost. Yet Kraft is still allowed to continue this bad management in dealing with its workforce today. Meanwhile, Kraft/Mondelez new boss, Irene Rosenfeld gets a 30 per cent pay rise to a staggering $28.8 million after only three months on the job at Mondelez.

“Our members take this unjust attack on its fellow brothers and sisters in Egypt very seriously and they will not stand by when their rights or any workers’ rights are under attack. It is totally unacceptable and must stop.”

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