June delivers bright start for national candy month

mondelez's Oreo cookie range was one of many successes at this year's Sweets & Snacks event in Chicago, US. Pic: Neill Barston

It seems these days there’s a day for any possible subject that you could care to imagine, and this trend is now seemingly being extended into larger timeframes – with confectionery no exception to that, with June being declared national candy month in the US.

Significantly, since its introduction as a concept a couple of years ago, the occasion has grown from relatively humble roots of a few hundred stores around the country engaging with it, to thousands of businesses making the most of commercial opportunities that would otherwise seeming less numerous given that the summer months are in many instances comparatively quieter in manufacturing terms than peak Christmas, Easter and Halloween periods.

As the National Confectioners Association, which instituted the National Candy Month explained, it appears Americans are keenly embracing the recently introduced tradition, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see other regions including the UK following in its footsteps.

Certainly, if last month’s Sweets & Snacks Expo is anything to go by, then the industry in the US is indeed in an especially healthy position, with the broad array of product launches taking centre stage from major brands through to smaller emerging enterprises, making for a highly engaging and entertaining event. It certainly gave Chicago as host city a very fine send-off, which you can read plenty more about in our next edition of Confectionery Production.

Neill Barston, editor, Confectionery Production

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