Halloween confectionery revival marked by higher consumer spending

With Halloween upon us, it seems here in the UK we are increasingly embracing the spooky spirit of festivities that have made it an especially notable celebration in the US.

The early evening will see streets across the British Isles packed full of witches, wizards and creatures that go bump in the night, all in the aid of the largely harmless tradition of trick or treating.

So, it is interesting to note the latest research from Mintel that showed a 5% increase on spending for Halloween in the UK (to £419 million), which includes plenty of confectionery into the mix.

Thankfully, both artisan confectioners and major companies have all put out the stops, or rather spooky gobstoppers in terms of product offerings, that range from Goo heads from Cadbury, through to a series of distinctive skulls designed by Paul A Young to mark the occasion.

While larger manufacturers tend to view limited runs of products as relatively challenging in terms of justifying having products on shelves for a short period, it seems that the tradition is entrenched enough to warrant a considerable amount of effort into new product development.

Casting an eye over our own archives, it seems just two years ago we were reporting an apparent decline in Halloween confectionery, so it is encouraging to see that the trend is seemingly being reversed.

It’s only through such seasonal innovation that the sector will continue to thrive in sparking consumers’ imagination, especially against an ever-present backdrop of a drive to offer healthier confectionery options.

As a number of manufacturers and artisans have reminded me over the past couple of years, confectionery has, and always should be viewed as an indulgent occasional treat – and it’s great that Halloween still holds plenty of prospects for those creative enough to develop something out of the ordinary. Here’s hoping there are plenty of treats in store for you all this year.

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