Better for you

Jonathan Thomas, CP editorial board member and principal market analyst at Leatherhead Research, discusses how confectionery manufacturers are improving the nutritional qualities of their products.

Superfruit flavours line

Bell Flavors and Fragrances has launched a new line of superfruit flavours. Many scientists have studied the health benefits that superfruits can provide, such as lowering cholesterol and improving the immune system.


US flavour trends

Using formal and grassroots market research tactics, Sensient Flavors’ industry experts have identified four primary consumer interests — hybrid flavours, regional inspiration, creative sourcing and savoury updates — that inform eight up-and-coming flavour trends for 2015. “Consumers are seeking adventure in their food and see their choices as an expression of themselves. They are enjoying […]


Wild berry fruit fillings

Puratos has launched its new Topfil range of fruit fillings for its bakery, patisserie and chocolate customers. The range includes up to 60% wild fruit sourced from the Baltic forests. Puratos has selected wild berries for its fruit filling range. Consumer tests and sensory taste panels show a preference for wild berries over cultivated berries, […]

Going wild

2nd September 2011 – This past week I have spent in Canada in the province of Nova Scotia visiting the Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA). Wild blueberries are distinct from cultivated blueberries in many ways, but of particular relevance to the confectionery and bakery markets, is the fact that they are significantly smaller […]

More health benefits

Once again another study has been completed which provides evidence for the health benefits of cocoa. In the study published in the journal, Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, the researchers found that daily consumption of 40g of cocoa powder and 500ml of skimmed milk for four weeks was associated with increases in HDL (good) cholesterol […]


Puratos Group acquires fruit fillings producer Pure Food

28 April 2011 – Puratos has acquired Pure Food, a family owned company based in Latvia, well known for its production of fruit fillings for bakeries, confectioners, ice cream, yoghurts and desserts. The acquisition, will strengthen Puratos’ position on the Nordic, Central and Eastern European markets. Pure Food collects and cleans berries from the Baltic […]

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