Luker Chocolate releases single origin Ecuador chocolate series

Colombia’s Luker Chocolate has unveiled a significant new addition to its portfolio, with the arrival of a Single Origin Ecuador 72% dark chocolate couverture to its Selected Origins line, reports Neill Barston.

Sourced directly by Luker, Ecuador 72% is made exclusively with Ecuadorian fine flavour cocoas, and designed as a pure expression of the country’s traditional cocoa farming, fermentation practices and terrain. This aromatic dark chocolate embodies Ecuador’s rich heritage and offers its clients the opportunity to experiment with its unique floral flavours and subtle fruity notes.

The business, which has been operating for more than a century in South America, originally focused on producing hot chocolate, but over the past two decades, it has expanded its interests into chocolate production, focusing on export markets around the world.

In September, the business was represented at our World Confectionery Conference held in Brussels, which highlighted its commitment to ethical production methods that support cocoa farming communities in the region, including sourcing from its own plantations.

“Single origin products like Ecuador 72% are growing in popularity, with new product launches growing at a rate of 17% over the past five years. Chief of Design and Product Development at Luker, Daniela Quintero, says, “We designed this couverture to naturally highlight the unique floral notes characteristic of Ecuador’s fine flavour cocoas.

“This chocolate can be the perfect canvas for high-end chocolatiers wanting to pair with slightly bitter ingredients such as tea or spices, or a luxurious snack for adventurous dark chocolate lovers.“

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