India’s Kocoatrait gets in festive spirit with its plum cake chocolate release

A  ‘guilt free, sustainable and plastic free Christmas’ is promised by Indian business Kocoatrait’s latest festive release in the form of its plum cake chocolate bar, writes Neill Barston.

The single origin 64% vegan dark series comes courtesy of the firm that has placed a high value on ethical and environmental concerns, as it stands among pioneers of the region’s confectionery sector.

Infused with warm spices (cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg), it is loaded with apricots, candied cranberries, cherries, black raisins, zesty orange and topped with roasted almonds, there  are no artificial flavourings used and the bars are paper and plastic free and made from bean to bar in madras. As the company explained, it roasts its single origin india cacao beans to enhance the base Rum and raisin notes, but no alcohol is added.

Kocoatrait is considered among the world and India’s first Sustainable Luxury Zero Waste, Single Origin, Organic and Planet Friendly Bean to Bar Chocolate contributing to the circular economy. It was conceived with an aim to enable aspiring Indian citizens to adopt a zero waste lifestyle and follow minimalistic living.

The brand was founded by Poonam Chordia, the country’s first certified female chocolate taster and co-founder of Kocoatrait, alongside L Nitin Chordia, India’s 1st certified chocolate taster.

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