Van Genechten Packaging gains climate neutral certification for French site

Belgian-headquartered Van Genechten Packaging (VGP) is celebrating a key development for its production site in Angoulême, France, which has been awarded climate neutral certification.

As the business noted to Confectionery Production, demand for sustainable packaging in the premium products industry – including its own ranges that include designs for chocolate series, has been growing exponentially.

In response to market growth, the company has made a number of related substantial investments over the past three years, with the firm focused on solutions across a number of sectors including food, and creative and sustainable premium drinks packaging.

As the business noted, packaging solutions for a premium product created added value, with VGP assisting customers to decrease their own carbon footprint through measuring the impact of their packaging. So, by offering creative solutions that preserve the environment, VG Angoulême provides its customers with premium packaging solutions that answer both commercial and environmental needs.

Each year, the company monitors its progress on its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, the Angoulême site offsets unavoidable emissions by supporting a ClimatePartner project that helps people in other parts of the world enjoy better living conditions, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the climate.

Offering environmentally-friendly packaging solutions is part of VGP’s DNA. The sum of all of its climate initiatives contributes to a clear competitive advantage and enables the company to be part of the sustainability strategies of its customers as well.

“I believe times like these really make an organisation show its true attitude,” says Prof. Dr. Frank Ohle, VGP’s CEO. “You need to decide whether to settle for a short-term reaction or to go for your long-term vision. Even as we strive to keep everyone safe during this global pandemic, we’re working on our sustainability goals. I’m very proud to say that, in the midst of these challenging times, we’re inventing even smarter packaging solutions and innovating to further improve our eco-footprint.

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