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Over recent years, there has been a huge growth in the use of technology to help businesses better understand their energy usage and reduce costs.

Despite this, many businesses are still unaware of the technology available to assist in reducing overheads. Introducing technology to your energy management doesn’t need to be complicated or overly expensive.

How to reduce production energy costs

For businesses running energy-intensive machinery, it’s vital to understand how much energy you are using and where you can control costs. Here, you can find out how technology can assist your energy-saving measures.

Take advantage of automatic billing

Automatic billing is one of the easiest ways for businesses to control their energy costs with technology.

Businesses using more than 100,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity are now required to switch to half hourly meters. As the name suggests, these meters provide automatic readings to your supplier every half hour. Businesses will no longer face estimated bills and are guaranteed to only be paying for the energy they use.

For businesses with lower energy usage, a smart meter can meet your requirements for automatic billing. Many suppliers will now install smart meters free of charge when you switch supplier. Love Energy Savings can assist businesses seeking to switch to half hourly or smart metered energy contracts.

Investing in Energy Management Software

Energy management comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be as simple as taking a walk around your premises to identify any air leaks or our out of date equipment.

Energy Management Software provides an in-depth analysis by actively monitoring areas including your heating, ventilation, lighting, and equipment.

Business owners can access reports detailing their energy usage, allowing them to discover where and when their premises use the most energy and identify energy-cost saving opportunities.

APPsolutely brilliant savings

For businesses with lower energy usage, turning to one of the many energy monitoring apps can help to lower your energy bills.

Smart energy monitoring products such as Hive or Nest are effectively very advanced thermostats. Over recent years, a number of these products have been adopted by various energy suppliers. For example, Hive is owned by British Gas parent company, Centrica.

There is now a wide range of smart sensors and meters available which offer easy monitoring of your energy usage. You can even control your businesses heating and lighting remotely.

Some of the most impressive benefits for businesses include monitoring and assessing individual appliances and the ability to cut off energy supplier should there be a leak.

With the ability to monitor and control your gas and electricity, you can get a better understanding of your business energy usage and reduce waste.

Switch to energy-efficient appliances

One area where technology has helped businesses make real savings is the greater energy efficiency of products and appliances.

A great place for any business to start is with LED lighting, one of the quickest wins available when it comes to reducing energy usage in the workplace.

Compared to traditional lightbulbs, LED’s produce far less heat and are therefore much more energy efficient. Based on three hours’ daily use, a traditional bulb would last around two years. Under similar conditions, an LED bulb would last for ten years or longer.

Replacing older appliances and machinery with the most energy-efficient alternative you can also allow your business to bring down those energy costs.

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